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BI platforms: Power BI, QlikSense, and Tableau. Explore their features, capabilities, and unique advantages to help you make an informed choice that aligns with your organization's goals.

Our Analytics / BI Services

Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) are the driving forces behind informed decision-making, enhanced operational efficiency, and competitive advantage.

BI Solution Integration

Explore our seamless integration of Power BI, QlikSense, and Tableau into your existing systems for enhanced analytics.

Custom Dashboard Development

Tailor-made dashboards that visualize your data in intuitive and insightful ways.

Data Transformation and Modeling

Unlock the potential of your raw data through efficient ETL processes and dimensional modeling.

Advanced Analytics and AI

Harness the power of machine learning and AI to predict trends, detect anomalies, and optimize operations.

Collaboration and Sharing

Enable efficient collaboration with your teams by sharing interactive reports and insights.

Training and Support

Comprehensive training sessions to empower your team in utilizing BI tools effectively.

Capitalizing your Data

We are more than just BI solution providers – we are your partners in transforming data into actionable insights


Exceptional Visualizations
Data Storytelling
Live and Extract Data Conn.
Tableau Prep
Integration with R and Python


Associative Data Model
Smart Data Load
Self-Service Data Preparation
Collaborative Analytics
Multi-Cloud Deployment


User-Friendly Interface
Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem
Natural Language Queries
Power Automate Integration
Power Query
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Buinsoft - IT Software and consulting - about us
Buinsoft - IT Software and services - Technology - Managed services

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Buinsoft - IT Software and consulting - about us

Steps to Choose the Right Analytics / BI Tools

We can help you to choose the most suitable BI tool for your company

Step 1: Define Your Requirements and Goals

Step 2: Understand Your Data Environment

Step 3: Assess User Skill Levels

Step 4: Evaluate Integration Capabilities

Step 5: Consider Scalability and Performance

Step 6: Analyze Data Visualization and Exploration

Step 7: Explore Collaboration and Sharing

Step 8: Examine Advanced Analytics and AI Integration

Step 9: Review Security and Data Governance

Step 10: Budget and Total Cost of Ownership

Step 11: Request Demos and Trials

Step 12: Gather Feedback and Make a Decision

Buinsoft - IT Software and consulting - about us

Software Licensing Consultancy

What does licensing consultancy involve at Buinsoft?

At Buinsoft, licensing consultancy involves an in-depth assessment and guidance on licensing agreements for various software, intellectual property, and other licensed assets. We help businesses navigate and understand the intricacies of licensing terms, ensuring optimal fit, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

What are the primary benefits of utilizing licensing consultancy services?

Our services ensure that the licensed products or assets align perfectly with your business needs, strategies, and existing systems. We assist in optimizing costs, understanding usage rights, and providing guidance for scalability, compliance, and legal aspects associated with licenses.

Who can benefit from Buinsoft’s licensing consultancy services?

Businesses across various industries and sectors looking to optimize their software, intellectual property, or asset licensing can benefit from our consultancy. This includes small to large enterprises, educational institutions, and organizations seeking clarity and guidance on licensing agreements and their implications.

Which brands or software licenses can be covered through Buinsoft’s consultancy services?

Our expertise extends across a wide range of brands and software licenses. This includes but is not limited to renowned brands such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and many others. We aim to provide comprehensive guidance tailored to your specific software or intellectual property requirements.

How does Buinsoft assist in ensuring the best value for a licensing agreement?

We meticulously evaluate the cost-value ratio of the license, comparing it with similar products in the market. Our consultancy assists in negotiating terms, understanding support and maintenance included in the license, and planning for potential upgrades, updates, and scalability, ensuring the best value for your investment.

Can Buinsoft help in negotiating better terms for licensing agreements?

Absolutely, at Buinsoft, we offer negotiation flexibility, striving to customize certain terms in the licensing agreement to better align with your business needs. This could include terms related to usage rights, pricing, support, and other crucial aspects.

What sets Buinsoft apart in the realm of licensing consultancy services?

Buinsoft stands out due to our meticulous attention to detail, industry expertise, and commitment to providing tailored solutions. We prioritize ensuring that your licensing agreements are well-suited to your business objectives, compliance needs, and future growth.

How does Buinsoft ensure optimal compatibility and fit with licensed products for businesses?

Buinsoft’s licensing consultancy service is meticulously designed to ensure that licensed products seamlessly integrate and align with the existing systems, business processes, and strategies of our clients. By conducting comprehensive compatibility assessments, we offer tailored guidance to guarantee that the licensed products perfectly suit our clients’ operational requirements and business objectives. Our experts delve into the intricacies of the licensed assets, evaluating their suitability and ensuring a perfect fit, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and supporting organizational goals.

What distinguishes Buinsoft's licensing consultancy services in terms of value and cost-effectiveness?

At Buinsoft, our focus is not only on providing licensing consultancy but also on delivering exceptional value and cost-effectiveness to our clients. We meticulously evaluate the cost-value proposition of the licensing agreements, comparing and analyzing the pricing against similar products available in the market. By offering comprehensive insights into the licensing terms, support and maintenance inclusions, and understanding scalability and upgrade options, we ensure that our clients are investing wisely, obtaining the maximum value from their licensed assets.

Can Buinsoft provide guidance on scaling licensed assets as businesses grow?

One of the critical aspects of our licensing consultancy service at Buinsoft is ensuring scalability to accommodate business growth. We assist in evaluating the licensing agreements to ensure they permit scaling, additional users, or increased usage as per the evolving needs of our clients. By providing strategic guidance, we ensure that the licensed assets can adapt and expand along with the growing demands of the business. Our consultancy aims to future-proof your licensing investments, enabling seamless expansion while maintaining cost-efficiency.

How does Buinsoft handle legal compliance and regulatory aspects within licensing agreements?

Buinsoft takes great care in ensuring that the licensing agreements abide by legal and regulatory requirements. Our expert team conducts thorough assessments to verify the compliance of the licensing terms with relevant laws and industry regulations. We ensure that the licensors have the legal rights to grant the licenses and that the licensed assets are free from legal disputes or infringements. This meticulous approach guarantees that our clients’ operations remain compliant and risk-free, preventing any legal implications associated with the licensed assets.

How does Buinsoft contribute to evaluating the reputation and reliability of licensors?

Buinsoft prioritizes reliability and reputation assessment of licensors to safeguard our clients’ interests. Our consultancy service includes comprehensive research and analysis of the licensor’s reputation, reliability, and track record within the industry. We aim to partner with licensors who have a strong track record of upholding their commitments and providing high-quality products. This meticulous evaluation helps ensure that our clients engage with reputable and reliable licensors, minimizing potential risks and ensuring a trustworthy licensing relationship.

What is the scope of licensing management services provided by Buinsoft?

Buinsoft’s licensing management services encompass a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline and optimize the entire lifecycle of licensing agreements and assets. We specialize in efficiently managing software, intellectual property, and licensing arrangements, ensuring they align perfectly with our clients’ business strategies and operational needs. Our experts handle all facets of licensing, from initial assessment to renewal or termination, providing strategic guidance and support at every stage to maximize the value of our clients’ licensed assets.

How does Buinsoft assist in negotiating and managing licensing terms for businesses?

Our licensing management service at Buinsoft involves expert negotiation and management of licensing terms to ensure they best suit our clients’ needs. We evaluate, negotiate, and manage the terms of licensing agreements, ensuring they are in line with our clients’ business objectives. Our team carefully examines and strategizes licensing terms, including usage rights, pricing, support, and other critical aspects, to optimize the value and ensure that the terms are well-aligned with our clients’ operational requirements and budget constraints.

What are the advantages of outsourcing licensing management to Buinsoft?

By outsourcing licensing management to Buinsoft, clients gain access to a wealth of expertise and experience in handling complex licensing arrangements. Our team’s in-depth understanding of the intricacies of licensing agreements and our strategic approach ensures that clients’ licensing requirements are managed with precision. Outsourcing to Buinsoft allows businesses to focus on their core operations while entrusting the meticulous management of licensing terms, compliance, and negotiations to our specialized team.

How does Buinsoft assist in ensuring compliance and legality in licensing management?

Buinsoft takes a meticulous approach to ensuring that all aspects of licensing management comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Our team conducts thorough evaluations of the licensing agreements to guarantee compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We ensure that licensors have the legal right to grant the license, free from any disputes or infringements. This rigorous approach assures our clients that their licensing agreements are legally sound, reducing the risk of any legal implications associated with their licensed assets.

How does Buinsoft ensure optimal compatibility and fit with licensed products for businesses?

At Buinsoft, our objective is not only to manage licensing but also to optimize the value and cost-effectiveness of licensing agreements for our clients. We analyze and compare the cost-value proposition of the agreements against similar offerings available in the market. Through strategic management, negotiations, and a deep understanding of support, maintenance, scalability, and upgrade options, we ensure that our clients’ investments in licensing assets provide maximum value and cost-effectiveness.


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