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We have carefully selected a range of innovative options that will revolutionize your experience. All those competitive and effective solutions are referenced by at least 5 different successful implementation and customer references.

Exceptional Alternatives

BFM - Bidirectional Failover Manager - Postgresql - DR
A postgreSQL HA, failover and switchover events solution. It has 3 agents; BIOXY, MiniPG and BFM Watcher. BIOXY serves as a crucial element in a high-availability (HA) solution built on the BFM proxy, safeguarding end user requests from IP changes during master failovers or switchover events. Meanwhile, MiniPG acts as a dummy PostgreSQL service, streamlining administrative commands without requiring SSH connections, and the BFM Watcher Agent monitors and seamlessly transitions to standby servers in the BFM cluster when the primary server becomes inaccessible, ensuring HA continuity.
vispeahen - Analytics, BI, Data analysis, reporting, big data, no sql
Analytics / BI Tool. Empower Your Data for Transformation. Enhance results with data-driven experiences, unlocking potential to elevate work, enrich customer experiences, and foster business growth. Seamlessly transition from spreadsheets to a modern analytics platform, infusing an analytical mindset into your operations. With Vispeahen, move beyond traditional business intelligence tools, empowering every team member by integrating business intelligence into workflows, catalyzing organizational growth.
applications erp crm sales distribution 2fa
Revolutionizing Your Company Through Cutting-Edge Software Solutions. Our wide array of applications is customized to meet your precise requirements, optimizing workflows, and fueling expansion. Accelerate your business with the ideal applications tailored to suit your company's needs.
 - Buinsoft - IT Business Software Solutions
Data Centers: Innovative, original, result-oriented, distinctive products and solutions for different sectors in the field of technology! Fiber Optic Infrastructure: We produce the future of technology Structured Cabling: Ideal, integrated, flexible and end-to-end Structured Cabling Solutions are at Canovate Elektronik as our business partner. Rack & Cabinets: In the developing world, "knowledge" is currently the most valuable asset.
VDI solutions and VDI consultancy and VDI services and VDI support

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Solutions and Consultancy

Our VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions redefine workspace accessibility by providing secure, flexible access to desktops and applications across various devices. With a focus on seamless collaboration and robust security measures, our services streamline centralized management, catering to your unique business objectives. Our goal is to deliver an agile and efficient virtual environment that empowers your workforce, fostering connectivity and security within your workspace.

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