Understanding and Delivering Value in IT Sales

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BuinSoft's IT Sales Consultancy Services

Your gateway to advanced sales strategies and tailored guidance. Our team ensures you leverage top IT sales methodologies to enhance your business success.

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Consultative Sales
Why - How - What
Strategic Guidance
Customized Solutions
Technical Expertise
Training and Education
Continuous Improvement

Solution Seling

Offering comprehensive solutions to address specific problems. Developing customized solutions by thoroughly analyzing customer needs. Embracing an integrated approach to improving business processes or enhancing efficiency.
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Value-Based Selling

Convincing customers by emphasizing the benefits provided by the product or service. Focusing on the customer's primary needs and clearly conveying the value proposition. Directing customers towards the solution by highlighting concrete advantages.

Consultative Selling

Approaching customers as a trusted advisor, offering solutions tailored to their needs. Carefully analyzing customers' business processes and challenges. Developing and presenting customized solutions based on the customer's needs.

Relationship-Oriented Selling

Aiming to establish and maintain long-term customer relationships. Building strong relationships to increase customer satisfaction and secure repeat sales. Gaining customer trust to better address their future needs.

The Distinction of IT Sales from Other Sales

Technical Expertise

IT sales requires in-depth technical knowledge to understand and effectively communicate complex concepts to customers.
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Rapid Market Changes

Operating in a constantly evolving industry, IT sales professionals must stay updated with the latest trends and innovations.

Customer Focus & Knowledge

Success in IT sales relies on a customer-centric approach, understanding their unique needs and providing tailored solutions.
IT sales requires understanding the pain points of customers to provide a matching solution.
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Why-How-What Approach

IT sales requires first understand the reason why customer could require such solution, how they can deploy and improve their infrastructure and what could be the solutions options to apply for the customer. Sales should be aware of this path.

Longer Sales Cycles

Due to the complexity and often higher cost of IT solutions, the sales cycles tend to be longer compared to other sectors. IT sales involve multiple stages including needs assessment, product demonstration, customization discussions, and often lengthy approval processes.
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Decision-Making Process

The decision-making process in IT sales typically involves multiple stakeholders. This can include IT managers, chief technology officers, end-users, and sometimes the financial department, each with their own concerns and requirements.


  • Lead generation is a strategic process used to identify potential customers and attract them to your business.
  • In this process, Buinsoft collects customer contact information and encourages them to inquire about or take steps to purchase the company’s products and services.
  • Lead generation is critical for the growth and revenue increase of a business.
  • Engaging with potential customers increases the likelihood of sales and expands the customer base.
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Word-of-mouth marketing
  • Various strategies aim to interact with potential customers and direct them to your business.
  • At Buinsoft, we can help you develop your lead generation strategy.
  • Our expert team can assist you in creating a customized lead generation strategy and effectively communicating with potential customers.


Social Media
Website Forms
Phone Calls
Events and Seminars
Word of Mouth Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Ads

Broad Market Access

• Channel structure enables our products to reach a wide audience. • Through business partners, we have access to different markets and geographic regions.
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Expertise and Industry Knowledge

• Channel partners may specialize in specific industries or markets. • This allows our products to be effectively marketed and sold to targeted markets.

Marketing and Sales Efficiency

• Channel structure improves the efficiency of our marketing and sales processes. • Channel partners may have better knowledge and marketing skills in local markets.
For these reasons, channel structure is strategically important for every Software Vendor. By collaborating with the right channel partners, we aim to provide better service to your customers and enhance the success of your businesses.

Corporate Structuring and Growth

We are helping your company to have professional image and stay corporate in the eyes of customers.
Creating a Readiness Strategy for the B2B Market

 • We evaluate the suitability of your company for the B2B market and determine strategic steps to achieve your goals.

 • By analyzing your target audience, competitors, and market trends, we create an appropriate entry strategy.

Development of Professionalism and Corporate Image

• We identify necessary steps and recommend practices to represent your company with a professional image.

• We plan and implement strategies to strengthen your corporate identity and brand value.

Preparation and Infrastructure Establishment

• We identify necessary steps to establish the infrastructure required to enter the B2B market.

• We develop strategies to optimize operational processes such as customer service, sales processes, order, and delivery systems.

Focus on Quick Response and Customer Satisfaction

• We optimize operational processes to respond to customer requests quickly and effectively.

• We create strategies for providing quality service and evaluating customer feedback to increase customer satisfaction.

Personnel Preparation

• We develop training and guidance programs to make company personnel suitable for the B2B market.

• We ensure that employees in relevant departments have the necessary skills and knowledge to serve B2B customers.

Website Preparation

  • We make necessary updates to your business website to make it suitable for the B2B market.

  • We create content to attract B2B customers and optimize the website’s user experience.

Product Preparation

• We make necessary adjustments and improvements to make your products suitable for B2B customers.

• We create documentation and materials emphasizing the features and benefits of your products.

Demo Preparation

• We prepare product demo presentations and develop effective demo strategies for B2B customers.

• We provide necessary materials and resources for demo presentations.

LinkedIn Page Preparation

• We make necessary edits to your company’s LinkedIn profile to make it suitable for the B2B market.

• We create content highlighting your company’s credibility and areas of expertise.

Presentation Preparation

• By creating relevant presentations and materials, we ensure effective presentation of your company to B2B customers.

• We tailor your presentations to align with your company’s goals and the B2B market.

Sales Team Setup

• We analyze your needs for establishing the ideal sales team and provide suitable structuring.

• By defining the roles of the sales team, we ensure they effectively fulfill their responsibilities.

• We organize training and motivation programs to help improve the performance of your sales team.

Market Research and Segmentation

• We conduct comprehensive market research to identify target markets and potential customer segments.

• By developing segmentation strategies, we customize your marketing and sales strategies according to your target audience.

• We evaluate market opportunities and threats through competitor analysis and shape your strategies accordingly.

Corporate Governance and Organizational Structure

• We strengthen your company’s management structure in line with corporate governance principles.

• By creating an effective organizational structure, we enhance internal communication and productivity.

• By optimizing decision-making processes, we make your business management more effective.

Financial Management and Resource Planning

• By creating financial management strategies, we identify ways to increase revenue and reduce costs.

• We guide you through the resource planning process, ensuring effective budgeting and resource utilization.

• By regularly monitoring your financial performance, we revise your strategies as needed.

Human Resources Management

• By improving human resources processes, we provide support in areas such as recruitment, training, and performance management.

• By creating tailored training and development programs, we enhance the skills of your employees and boost their motivation.

• We develop various internal communication and motivation programs to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Innovation and Technology Trends

Innovation and Competitive Advantage

• We develop innovative approaches and strategies to increase your business's competitive advantage, making you stand out from other competitors in the market. • By developing innovative products and services, we offer solutions that satisfy your customers, thereby increasing customer loyalty and strengthening your position in the market. • We continuously monitor market trends and customer needs, allowing you to adapt to changes in the industry and be better prepared for the future.
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Future Technological Trends

• We identify and analyze technological developments that could be influential in the future of the industry, helping your business be better prepared for what lies ahead. • We focus particularly on trends in areas such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, researching how these technologies can improve your business operations and create new opportunities.
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Technical Support and Team Competence

• We optimize your business's technical support processes, enabling you to provide faster and more effective solutions to your customers' problems. • We manage service level agreements (SLAs) and strengthen your relationships with customers, increasing customer satisfaction and building loyalty. • By enhancing your team's competencies, we enable your business to meet its technical needs more effectively. Additionally, we support your business's growth through collaborations and partnerships by establishing business partners and channel structures.

Digital Transformation and Strategic Applications

• We manage your business's digital transformation process, aligning traditional business practices with modern digital technologies. • We offer strategic solutions, especially in areas such as digital marketing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, enabling your business to participate more effectively in the digital world.

Product Differentiation and Unique Value Proposition

• By identifying unique features that set your products apart from competitors, we make them more competitive, ensuring that your customers prefer your products. • We develop your products to be more comprehensive, better meeting customer needs, thus increasing customer satisfaction and establishing longer-term relationships.


is a must next to SALES
Digital Advertising

• Displaying ads in search results using Google Ads.

• Creating targeted ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.


• Attending important industry conferences.

• Hosting your own webinars.

• Organizing customer events and workshops.

Email Marketing

• Sending personalized email campaigns to your customer base.

• Sharing promotions, product announcements, and blog posts.

Social Media Marketing

• Regularly sharing posts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

• Increasing engagement.

• Utilizing hashtags to expand content reach.

Identifying Target Audience

•Creating ideal customer profiles by conducting research on demographics, behaviors, and needs.

Content Marketing

• Blog posts

• E-books

• Infographics

• Videos

• Podcasts to provide valuable information to customers and increase brand awareness.

SEO Optimization

• Optimizing website content through keyword research.

• Improving meta descriptions.

• Obtaining backlinks to rank higher in search engine results.

Collaborations and Partnerships

• Partnering with industry leaders to host joint webinars.

• Cross-promotion.

• Collaborating on joint projects.
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