BFM - Bidirectional Failover Manager / PostgreSQL HA

PostgreSQL HA Failover and Switchover Solution(BFM), serves to ensure high availability and continuity for PostgreSQL database systems

PostgreSQL Failover and PostgreSQL DR solution for Enterprises

BFM provides uninterrupted service during failover for PostgreSQL databases

BIOXY serves as a crucial element in a high-availability (HA) solution

BFM Bioxy Agent

BFM, a HA solution with BIOXY proxy, ensures uninterrupted user access by routing requests through BIOXY instead of database server IPs. This shields users from disruptions caused by IP changes during master failovers or switchover events, regardless of server locations or domains, ensuring seamless continuity."
 safeguarding end user requests from IP changes duri

BFM Watcher Agent

Tracks database servers. It promotes the most suitable standby server. Switchover can perform. It operates in four different modes, designed for different needs. Protection, Performance, Watcher, Availability, Manual
MiniPG is a dummy PostgreSQL service. It acts like PostgreSQL.

MiniPG Agent

MiniPG is a dummy PostgreSQL service. It acts like PostgreSQL. It is located on PostgreSQL servers and enables BFM Watcher to run administrative commands on these servers. There is no need for any SSH connection between MiniPG and servers.


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