Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR & XDR)

Deploying advanced EDR / XDR solutions, we offer real-time threat detection and response, fortifying your organization against sophisticated cyberattacks while ensuring comprehensive visibility and control across your entire digital ecosystem.

EDR & XDR Solutions for Your Company

We are offering variety of endpoint security solutions according to the needs of your organization. Each solution has different strong points and additional features with different prices. We are helping to find the most suitable solution for your company.

The buinsoft team is here with its expert consultants to find and deploy the right EDR/XDR solutions.

Advanced Threat Protection
Advanced Response Skills
Behavioral Analysis
Forensics and Investigation
Threat Intelligence Integration
Centralized Management Console
Scalability and Flexibility
EDR / XDR Solutions
EDR / XDR Solutions
EDR / XDR Solutions
EDR / XDR Solutions
EDR / XDR Solutions
EDR / XDR Solutions
EDR / XDR Solutions
EDR / XDR Solutions
EDR / XDR Solutions
EDR / XDR Solutions

EDR / XDR is more powerful when the capability of the solution is delivering the future needs.

We make comparison and analysis for the current and future forecasting

Dynamic Real-time Threat Detection and Containment

Persistent Threat Monitoring and Incident Response

Proactive Threat Pursuit

Seamless Automation Integration across Multiple Environments

Zero Trust Network Access

Behavioral Pattern Recognition

01Customer Success at the Core

Ensuring that the company’s primary focus is on the success and satisfaction of its customers. This means aligning the company’s goals with the customers’ objectives and providing proactive support to help customers achieve their desired outcomes.

02Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs

Promising customers that the company will deliver personalized and customized solutions that precisely address their unique challenges and requirements. By understanding each customer’s specific needs, the company ensures that the proposed solutions provide the highest value and relevance.

03Transparent and Honest Communication

Committing to open and honest communication with customers, providing them with all the necessary information to make informed decisions. This includes being transparent about product capabilities, pricing, and potential limitations, as well as promptly addressing any concerns or queries the customers may have.


We empower our clients through collaboration, global experience, and power to navigate and choose the optimum technological solutions.