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Data Center Solutions / Products

Cold & Hot Aisle Containment

Cold & Hot Aisle Containment is a highly modular, scalable, expandable and retrofittable system. It enables isolation of hot and cold aisles to maximize cooling system efficiency and minimize cooling energy requirements. It provides efficient energy management, and energy savings increase to 50%. The top cover of the Cold & Hot Aisle Containment is made from easily tempered glass panels to maximize the available light and reduce the fire risk.

Mini Data Center Server Rack with Integrated Side Cooler DX or Water Based

Canovate’s mini data centers individually offer cooling up to 30kW, and are scalable to hundreds of units. They are appropriate for high density server needs exceeding 10kW, including container data centers, small clinics or hospitals, warehouses, or branch offices. They offer advanced power management, rapid deployment, and environmental monitoring.

Micro Data Center

Canovate Micro Data Center solutions are an industry leader for efficiency and cost effectiveness for meeting the increased demand in data center environments. Canovate Micro DC solutions are an integrated data center solution that incorporates Racks, UPS, Cooling, Fire Suppression, PDU and Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) in a single, compact platform.

CAN-BREEZE Micro Data Center

The CAN-BREEZE in rack cooling system is a direct-cooled server cabinet consisting of an indoor lateral cooling device, and an AC outdoor unit. The cooling system provides energy-efficient cooling using the latest inverter technology. The cooling capacity and power consumption adapt to the actual costs incurred to maintain the load.

RC4-Anti Theft Micro Data Center

3kW Cooling, Electronic Access, UPS, Intelligent Patch Panel, Environmental Monitoring! Canovate RC4 Anti-Theft Micro Data Center Cabinet is the perfect solution to protect your mission-critical equipment from any unauthorized access, including theft of information or property, and vandalism.

Mobile Containe

The mobile container provides a protected housing for the server cabinets, power distribution system, cooling system, monitoring system, fire control system, and lighting system.

Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Troy Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) System

The key for a successfully managed transmission network lies in the choice of the right fiber Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) system. Canovate’s Troy ODF (CAN-ODF-700) solution provides flexible cabling access, an expandable-frame concept, integrated and superior cable management in a future-proof, modular design with the highest termination capacity possible.

High Density Smart ODF CAN-I-SPLIT-10X

Canovate’s High Density Smart ODF CAN-I-SPLIT-10X includes a smart, dual-monitoring solution, designed to give telecom companies the ability to monitor signal levels and information loss from a central office.

Fiber Tree Breakout Unit CAN-FTBU-100

CAN-FTBU-100 breakout units are typically used in MDUs to breakout and distribute the fibers from CAN-FTC riser cables into drop tubes, for routing to a customer’s premises. After making a window-cut on the riser cable, the breakout unit is applied and the fiber tube is routed to the end user.

Hard Case 1xn/2xn PLC Splitter

Canovate Small Case 1xn/2xn PLC Splitter is an optical splitter that can used as PLC splitter for all wavelength bands. It has excellent mechanical and environmental performance and it is suitable to use in FTTX networks and Telecommunication networks.

1U/2U 19” and ETSI Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Our 1U/2U 19” & ETSI Fiber Optic Patch Panel with Telescopic Rails (CAN-FPP-100) provides professional cable management and fiber termination with a smooth telescopic pull-out rail system.

1U 19” 3xMTP and MPO Cassette High Density Panel CAN-X-MO-1U-144

The Canovate CAN-X-MO-1U-144 is a high density 1U panel system that accommodates 3 MTP & MPO cassettes. Various adapter types can be offered together with the MTP & MPO cassettes. This design enables modularity and flexibility for both installers and end users. It’s a perfect solution for high demanding Data Center applications in need of dense cabling solutions.

Fiber Duct System

Our Fiber Channel is a flexible trunking system for fiber optic cables specifically designed and suitable for both European and US markets. It is closed for the system, protecting the fiber from dirt and dust, and the ducts are strong for preparations against the toughest conditions – protecting your fiber cables to survive.

Fiber Distribution Terminal (FDT) CAN-FDT-85

Our Fiber Distribution Terminal (FDT) (CAN-FDT-85) is an outdoor, weatherproof cabinet that provides advanced fiber optic networks using Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint architectures, requiring high-density fiber distribution points to provide FTTX services. . The high-quality fiber optic link relies on the increased protection offered by weatherproof outdoor cabinets such as the CAN-FDT-85.

CAN-DO-2025-X Dome Type SCM Splice Closure

Canovate CAN-DO-2025-X Dome Type Single Circuit Management (SCM) Supplemental Shutdown maintains connectivity regardless of network size, type, and configuration. It is resistant to abrasion, corrosion and environmental effects. It is suitable for outdoor and underground use. It has IP68 protection level.

Structured Cabling Solutions

We provide different kinds of technological solutions: COPPER CABLING SOLUTIONS and FIBER CABLING SOLUTIONS.


We provide the products under 6 different category with many variety of products: Copper Cables, Copper Patch Cords, Copper Patch Panels, Copper Keystone Jacks, Copper Face Plates & Wall Outlets, Copper RJ45 Plugs


We provide different kinds of Fiber Cabling products under those categories: Adapters, Fiber Optic Cables, Optical Distribution Frame Solutions, Pigtails, Patch Cords, Pigtail Additional Protector, Connectors, Fiber Patch Panels, MTP & MPO Modules


We provide different sizes and features of Cabinet and Racks Solutions


We Provide: Inorax-AL Network And Server Cabinets, Inorax-ST Network & Server Cabinets, Inorax-ECO Network & Server Cabinet, Seismic Rack Cabinet, Smart Server Rack, IP 42 Inorax-AL Rack Cabinet, IP 54 Inorax-AL Rack Cabinet, ETSI ODF Rack, Open Frame Patch Rack, Industrial Cabinet


We provide: Single Wall Mount Cabinets, Double Section Wall Mount Cabinets, Soho Cabinets, Slim Line Wall Mount Cabinet


Shelves, Vertical Cable Organizers, 19″ Drawer Fan Modules, Plinth For Inorax Cabinets, Sliding Anti-Swing Stabilizor, Enlightment, Cable Guide Brush Strip, Rail Options, Earthing Kit, Earthing Bar, Baying Kits, Adjustable Raised Floor Module For Server & Network Cabinets, Stabilizer For Raised Floor, Stabilizer For Ceiling, Cage Nut & Bolt & Plastic Cup Washer Set, Integral Console + KVM, Special Cable Channel Systems


We provide: IP-PDU, Protection PDU, Metered PDU, Basic PDU, ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)


We provide: Surveillance Cabinet Management System, Inorax-09 Outdoor Cabinet, Inorax-10 Outdoor Cabinet, Inorax-11 Outdoor Cabinet, Inorax-12 Outdoor Cabinet, Inorax-13 Outdoor Cabinet, Inorax-14 Outdoor Cabinet,Inorax-16 Outdoor Cabinet,Inorax-17 Outdoor Cabinet, Inorax-18 Outdoor Cabinet, Inorax-19 Outdoor Cabinet, Inorax-20 Outdoor Cabinet, Inorax-21 Outdoor Cabinet, Inorax-23 Outdoor Cabinet, Thermal Management


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